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Fixtures and Results Links

August 28, 2018

To see fixtures, results etc. then either enter the links into your web browser  or click on the below link or go to the appropriate league site.


Mens 1s and 2s are in the South Hockey League

Mens 1st XI –

League Table: http://www.south-league.com/results/league/kensus1r/2017-2018

Fixtures: http://www.south-league.com/fixtures/league/kensus1r/2017-2018

Mens 2nd XI –

League Table: http://www.south-league.com/results/league/kensus2r/2017-2018

Fixtures: http://www.south-league.com/fixtures/league/kensus2r/2017-2018

The remaining mens sides are in Kent Leagues on Fixtures live: http://w.fixtureslive.com/league/1604/competitions/Kent-Mens-Outdoor

Mens 3rd and 4th XIs: http://w.fixtureslive.com/comp/57993/table/Kent-Mens-Outdoor-Open-Premier-A-2018-19

Mens 5th XI and 6th XI: http://w.fixtureslive.com/comp/57996/table/Kent-Mens-Outdoor-Open-Division-1-2018-19

Mens 7th XI: http://w.fixtureslive.com/comp/57997/table/Kent-Mens-Outdoor-Open-Division-2-2018-19

Mens 8th XI: http://w.fixtureslive.com/comp/57999/table/Kent-Mens-Outdoor-Open-Division-4-2018-19


Ladies 1st XI 2 South East


The remaining ladies sides are also in Kent: http://w.fixtureslive.com/league/1577/competitions/Kent-Womens-Outdoor

Ladies 2nd XI Kent Prem:

League Table: http://w.fixtureslive.com/comp/55467/table/Kent-Womens-Outdoor-Premier-Division-2017-18

League Fixtures: http://w.fixtureslive.com/staticapi.aspx?a=team_view.ashx%3fteamID%3d16552

Ladies 3rd XI Kent Div 3:

League Table: http://w.fixtureslive.com/comp/55470/table/Kent-Womens-Outdoor-Division-3-2017-18

League Fixtures: http://w.fixtureslive.com/staticapi.aspx?a=team_view.ashx%3fteamID%3d16553

Ladies 4th XI Kent Div 4:

League Table: http://w.fixtureslive.com/comp/55471/table/Kent-Womens-Outdoor-Division-4-2017-18

League Fixtures: http://w.fixtureslive.com/staticapi.aspx?a=team_view.ashx%3fteamID%3d78087

Some timings and pitches yet to be confirmed for away matches.